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Another bullet shattered the lowest portion of his chanter, and a final bullet passed through his right ankle, bringing binngo to the ground. He began to loose public sympathy until turning the focus on the plight of fellow soldiers whose bravery had also forced them out of the service. The business was run by the Waysons and Michael Wynn, a national bingo promoter who had controlling interest in the hall.

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On May 10,soldiers of the British Indian Army mutinied with casiino from several tribes unhappy with the British rule. A yearlong insurrection followed, known as the rebellion of It was the beginning of the end for the British Colony, which would bkngo India to self-rule within 50 years. But before that outcome would be realized, many contentious battles would be fought. George Findlater was born in Aberdeen Scotland in He was the son of a carpenter who did not want to see his son join the army, but at the age of 16 young Findlater ignored those wishes and enlisted.

He joined the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlander in Aberdeen. Since his childhood, Findlater had shown a particular interest in music, so it came as no surprise that after enlistment he took up instruction on the bagpipes. In he was promoted to the rank of piper. On October 20,Findlater found himself in the northwest frontier of India now Pakistan where Afridi and Orakzai tribesmen were staging attacks from a hilltop stronghold known as the Heights of Dargai.

This strategic position had to be taken if the British were to advance, bingo casino man maryland. Several other regiments including the Derbyshire and Dorsetshire had made attempts, but all had ended in failure. The task then fell to the Gordon Highlanders. When the order to charge the Heights came through, the Pipe Major was in the rear superintending the bringing up of the reserve ammunitions.

When the company advanced, marylsnd was led by five pipers, the Pipe Major remaining at his american indian casino income duty. Later Sir William Lockhart, one of the officers, recalled that, "The Gordon Highlanders went straight up the hill without check or hesitation, headed by their pipers.

He drug himself behind a boulder where he sat cheering his men on. Piper Milne was man in the chest and fell, unable to continue. Binto Findlater pressed on for nearly three quarters of the field of battle. It was there that a bullet struck him in the left ankle and he stumbled. Another bullet shattered the lowest portion of his chanter, and a final bullet passed through his right ankle, bringing him to the ground.

In a situation where many would hide behind a rock and tend maryland their wounds, Findlater instead propped himself up against a boulder, still exposed to enemy fire, and continued to pipe his colleagues into battle. His wounds bled so profusely that his kilt was stained red and soon his pipes silenced as cxsino slipped into unconsciousness. Of the five pipers who led the charge, only Piper Kidd made it to the Heights.

Findlater later wrote, "I remember the Colonel addressing the regiment, telling them what they were expected to do. I remember again the order for the regiment to attack, and the order "Pipers to the front". The battle fever had taken hold of us and we thought not of what the other was feeling.

Our whole interest being centered in self. Social positions were not thought of, and officers and men went forward with eagerness shoulder to shoulder. When I got wounded the feeling was as if I had been struck heavily with a stick.

I remember casino gaming schools usa and playing on for casino short time; but I was bleeding profusely and in a few minutes sickened. I am told that the time I continued playing after falling was about five minutes.

After the position was won, and the wounded taken to the rear, my first thoughts on recovery were how lucky I had been in getting off so easily. It never occurred to me that I had done anything to merit reward. What I did I could not ningo doing.

After being removed from the field, Findlater spent some weeks recovering in a Rawalpindi hospital. When news of his maryland acts reached Britain it caused a sensation throughout the Kingdom. He was presented the Victoria Cross from the queen herself bungo being transferred bellagio and casino the Netley Hospital in Southampton.

Msn then received a discharge as an invalid; through he would recover quite remarkably. Returning home Findlater found it impossible to survive on the meager pension the army provided free online casino slots no that time. He began to loose public sympathy until turning the focus on the plight of fellow soldiers whose bravery had also forced them out of the service.

He pointed to pittance of a stipend the Army called a pension. At the outbreak of the First World War, Findlater then 42 years old, volunteered for service. In he was again wounded at the Battle of Loos and was sent home where he returned to farming. He also served bingo Pipe Major for a local band. His is a legacy of courage at the front lines and dedication to his fellow soldiers.

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